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Re: [IP] paradigm update

I have a few questions: For people who use on
> avg. 40-45 units a day- are the more frequent refills of the insulin
> reservoir annoying?or do the other features such as waterproof, AAA
> batteries ect outweigh this inconvenience? What clip comes with the
> paradigm ( the holster or the clip)?  Any comments would be helpful...Still
> undecided- Sarah

Just thought that you should know that I did make the switch and I happen to
love the Paradigm.  I think that the reservoirs for the Paradigm are easier
to fill.  The waterproof feature is great because when I take a bath it can
go into the tub with me.  I do like the fact that is has AAA batteries
because if I happen to not have any with me it is just a matter of running
into any store that sells batteries (instead of searching).  The holster
came with my pump.  It does fit in my bra easier because it is slightly
smaller.  I use anywhere from 30-40 units a day depending on what I am
eating and last 3 days (sometimes 4) with the reservoirs.  Also the menus
are easier to use and get around on.

Hope that this helps.  I just love mine and am glad that I made the switch.
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