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Re: [IP] Depression

feeling.What do
> people find works best for them? Medication, psychotherapy, or both?Thanks
> for any help/advice you can give me. Just to clarify, I'm not feeling
> suicidal or like I'm going to hurt myself. It's just a constant feeling
> of hopelessness and fatigue and it's affecting my academic and work
> performances.Sara

i don't know what the process is in your neck of the woods, but here in
ottawa (ontario), to see a psychiatrist, you have to see your family doctor,
or a gp, and get referred to a shrink.  i think you can call a psychologist
or therapist yourself, but provincial insurance doesn't cover that (they do
cover psychiatrists though).

i was on medication for many years, and went off of them not quite a year
ago, which was the best thing for me, since i had been feeling pretty numb
most of the time on all the pills (wasn't injecting until january of last
year), and having been off of them this long, i know i no longer need them.

i think my advice would be to first just chat with your doctor about this.
i wouldn't advise medication until you've had a chance to really talk out
your feelings and the situations you're in.  too many shrinks that i saw
medicated me the first time they saw me, which probably wasn't what i
needed.  in fact, i know it wasn't what i needed. :)
if you can afford it, or have insurance for it, i'd suggest seeing a
psychologist or therapist, since they can't prescribe meds.  not to say that
meds may not help, but in my experience, shrinks aren't very good at
talking, or should i say *listening*.

another thing that a good friend found very helpful - who did try a number
of medications, and is no longer on them - was to get a therapist that he
could really talk to and respect.  he lucked out finding one on the first
try, some people have to try a few times to get one they can relate to.  he
also goes for massage therapy, which he says helps him relax, let someone
else do the work for a while.  it also feels good.

as for the school thing, going to talk to the health folk there might be a
good thing, since you may be able to get extensions on some work if you're
finding it overwhelming.  we at carleton have our paul menton centre for
disabilities - which may sound intimidating, but they often also accomodate
people having temporary problems, illnesses, learning disabilities, and so
on.  they've seen it all, so they can offer good advice.

good luck,

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