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[IP] Long Hospital Stay

Hi All

First a quick sorry for all that received bouncing messages back from
me. I went into the hospital at the beginning part of January for what I
thought was a short visit to get rid of a upper resp. infection. I was
just released last week and my husband had no idea how to get onto the
account I use for IP.

I have always been considered a type I because of my mother's history as
one and my onset 14 years ago. My c-peps also showed very little to no
insulin being made. During the last 2-3 years I have had trouble with
hypos that would come out of the blue and also after stacking insulin to
get rid of an infection. I have been on the pump for as long and this
hypo problem has been more and more a problem with the tighter control
that I have. 

Doctors tried to explain it that I might have an ovarian cyst that
stored insulin. Because I am overweight as well that my fat cells were
storing insulin and then releasing it. Etc. etc. but I was still living
through these hypo periods that got to a point that I would take off my
pump for up to two days and eat thru the hypo.

When I got hospitalized we had to stack the insulin to keep my bs from
going above 250 and my primary and I braced for the hypo period to
come...hence my hospitalization. When it did come it stayed and came on
stronger than anything I had experienced in the past. Hypos in the 20's
and teen range with nurses pushing Dextrose 50% every half hour. In the
middle of this I had a resident that insisted that he take my pump away
(which was off at this point) and that I was causing these lows!!! He
got some words from my husband. 

I ended up in the ICU for 5 weeks, Had surgery to remove 93% of my
pancreas and all of my spleen on 2/14/03. And like I said just finally
got home. Final pathology report says that what I had was islet cell
hyperplasia and nesidioblastosis. 

The other thing that happened is that I was able to switch my MiniMed
508 to a new Animas pump. I need the smaller dosing that the Animas can

If anyone of our knowledgeable professionals or those that have had
their pancreas removed...I'm looking for some help with signs to look
for when the enzymes aren't being produced by the pancreas. 
Recovering a little at a time.
Gail Donohue   
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