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[IP] Re: Hypertrophy and Infusing Insulin

<........I am perplexed by the fat I am gaining at my stomach infusion sites.>


 My post was in specific response to the above statement as a possible
explanation. It was not intended as a blanket warning of what will happen to
everybody. Also, in the quote from Pumping Insulin: "Some pumpers find that
after using their pump for some time, a slight enlargement occurs in the area of
the body where the infusion needle is placed........," the key word is SOME
pumpers, not all (aka YMMV). I only included that info in a second post, when
someone else on the list wanted confirmation. I just didn't want anyone thinking
I pulled it out of thin air. Also, I have the latest edition of Pumping Insulin,
and the insulin referred to in the book is Humalog and Regular. It's good to
know what your experience has been though. My intention was not to spread fear
or cause undue worry.

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