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Re: [IP] Depression


Write it down, like a check list of all the things you want to talk about. 
Or point form notes, or write a "speech".

I just do the point form notes. Also, once you start talking to your 
doctor, you'll find it easier every time.

Have you ever had Mono? Blood work is usually sporadic in it's accuracy for 
I had mono and it took 3 trips and chest x-rays before they'd believe what 
I had been diagnosing as Mono for a week. =)

I also suffer from feeling of being rundown and that things will never end 
and that it's just day to day to day. I'm not on any meds myself, but talk 
to your doctor to see what may be best for you!


>How do I approach this
>with my doctor? I'm the type of person who likes to pretend everything is
>ok and I'm afraid that when I'm actually speaking to my doctor I'll
>chicken out and not say anything about how I've been feeling.
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