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Re: [IP] Depression

Sara, bless your heart...I hope you can ask your endo
to refer you to a good therapist.  Get some help and
you will be amazed at the changes.  I started on
celexa a few months ago and was initially very afraid.
 But I can now say that it has helped me very much. 
Please, please, trust enough to take the first step. 
My prayers are with you hon.  Love Cynthia
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> Hi,I have a few questions for those of you who are
> suffering from
> depression or have experienced depression in the
> past.  Lately, I've been
> feeling very down and hopeless about things.  I'm
> tired all the time and
> I'm not motivated to do anything except sleep and
> watch TV.  I've had
> bloodwork done and I know it's not my throid or iron
> levels or anything
> like that.  I think the stresses of diabetes,
> financial difficulties,
> schooling, and work are finally getting to me.  Here
> are my questions:
> Who do I speak to about this? My choices are my endo
> (who I see on
> Monday), my school clinic (who don't really know
> me), or my family doctor
> (who's 2 hours away and takes months to get
> into).How do I approach this
> with my doctor? I'm the type of person who likes to
> pretend everything is
> ok and I'm afraid that when I'm actually speaking to
> my doctor I'll
> chicken out and not say anything about how I've been
> feeling.What do
> people find works best for them? Medication,
> psychotherapy, or both?Thanks
> for any help/advice you can give me. Just to
> clarify, I'm not feeling
> suicidal or like I'm going to hurt myself. It's just
> a constant feeling
> of hopelessness and fatigue and it's affecting my
> academic and work
> performances.Sara 
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