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[IP] Fat Hypertrophy and Infusing Insulin

Each diabetic (as usual) will have a different
response to insulin.  My experience is mine alone, but
to try to allay any fears of the fat hypertrophy as a
direct result of infusing insulin, I want to share my

Fat hypertrophy (and, similarly, atrophy) occurs
rarely since the advent of purified human insulin and
analog insulins.

I did a bit of research after reading the reference
quoted here from the Pumping Insulin book. From Merk's
website: Local fat atrophy or hypertrophy at injection
sites is relatively rare and usually lessens by
switching to human insulin and injecting it directly
into the affected area. No specific treatment of local
fat hypertrophy is required, but injection sites
should be rotated.

  20 years ago I had BOTH atrophy and hypertrophy on
my body.  Both types of "trophy" have resolved.

  I have NEVER had a recurrence of either hypertrophy
OR atrophy since being on pump therapy - for 18 years.
 I have always used ONLY my abdomen for infusion sets
during this entire time.  (yes, I've tried other
places, but they just don't work for me).  And I am
NOT your model pumper by any means.  Last week I
realized that I'd gone >7 days without changing sets. 
I don't rotate on any kind of plan - more of a "gee I
don't think I've used this spot lately".  And, no, I
don't plan on changing a thing unless something else
changes in my life which causes me to have
organizational skills that I otherwise don't see a
need for.

  Bottom line, as always, is that YMMV.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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