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[IP] Depression

Hi,I have a few questions for those of you who are suffering from
depression or have experienced depression in the past.  Lately, I've been
feeling very down and hopeless about things.  I'm tired all the time and
I'm not motivated to do anything except sleep and watch TV.  I've had
bloodwork done and I know it's not my throid or iron levels or anything
like that.  I think the stresses of diabetes, financial difficulties,
schooling, and work are finally getting to me.  Here are my questions:
Who do I speak to about this? My choices are my endo (who I see on
Monday), my school clinic (who don't really know me), or my family doctor
(who's 2 hours away and takes months to get into).How do I approach this
with my doctor? I'm the type of person who likes to pretend everything is
ok and I'm afraid that when I'm actually speaking to my doctor I'll
chicken out and not say anything about how I've been feeling.What do
people find works best for them? Medication, psychotherapy, or both?Thanks
for any help/advice you can give me. Just to clarify, I'm not feeling
suicidal or like I'm going to hurt myself. It's just a constant feeling
of hopelessness and fatigue and it's affecting my academic and work


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