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[IP] paradigm update

I know this subject was extensively talked about when the Minimed 508 to
Paradigm update was available in various locations. But now it is my
turn and  I am still undecided but leaning toward the paradigm ( I
think.....) I received my invitation to the upgrade session yesterday....
so now it is on my mind.  I have talked to my parents and other
non-pumpers who seems to feel this is a small decision that should be
made easily but I am agonizing....So I would like to hear form others who
have decided to upgrade... I have a few questions: For people who use on
avg. 40-45 units a day- are the more frequent refills of the insulin
reservoir annoying?or do the other features such as waterproof, AAA
batteries ect outweigh this inconvenience? What clip comes with the
paradigm ( the holster or the clip)?  Any comments would be helpful...Still
undecided- Sarah


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