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Re: [IP] bleeding site with pain Cozmo


  You did not mention which type of infusion set you are using and where you
are placing the site.  You may want to clarify this.  Meanwhile, if you are
the Tenders/Sils/Comforts that have the larger needle and go in at the 15-30
degree angle you may be going in too deep and getting too close to nerves
and/or muscles.  If you are using the straight in style (Quick Sets,
Sof-Sets, Ultraflexes) and experiencing this it may be that the canula
length is too long and again it is rubbing up against a nerve and/or muscle.

My son Joshua, now age 11 and IPer 3+ years, is VERY skinny. We started out
with the Tenders style set and we BOTH HATED them.  We are now using the
Quick Sets with the 6mm canula and for us, these are FABULOUS.  If Josh
esperiences pain (which is SOOOO rare) then we know I have gotten it too
close to something.  For the most part Josh's sites last 5-7 days with great
BG results.  We are trying to change out every 5 days.  We use the top part
of his hiney, and his tummy.  We were using the outer aspect of his thighs
for awhile but he isn't doing that much right now.

This is just OUR experience.  Thought you would like to know.

mom to Joshua
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