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[IP] Re: Need Advice - Dinner Bolus

<I understand that fiber reduces the rate of absorption of carbs. Because of
this I have been using the duel wave bolus at dinner. I have been giving
1/2 of the bolus at dinner and 1/2 over a 2 hour period. I do not eat a lot
of fats with dinner - no fried food. Does exercise or alcohol affect the
rate of absorption of carbs? The type of exercise that I do is swimming,
jogging, biking and light weights.  I do not have this problem with
breakfast or dinner.>
Exercise will increase your insulin sensitivity as will alcohol.  You may
want to try a different carb to insulin ratio after you exercise.  When I
exercise, I have to increase my dinner carb to insulin ratio from 8:1 to
10:1 or 12:1 depending on the type of food I'm eating.  Also, drinking on an
empty stomach, combined with the exercise will lower your blood sugar.  You
may want to eat a small snack first before having those before-dinner beers.
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