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[IP] Re: Need Advice - Dinner Bolus

I need advice from some of the pump experts on how to set my basal rate for
Below is my typical daily routine after work:

     - After work I exercise for 1-1.5 hours. I usually finish between 7:00
PM & 7:45 PM.
     My BG after exercise is typically 80-110.

     - When I get home, I will have 2 light beers before dinner. During
this 30-45 min. period, I will take two Fiber Tablets. The Dr. wants me to
take the tablets to add additional fiber to my diet that should help reduce
the chances of colon cancer. Sometimes I will have a glass of red wine with

     - I bolus 15 min. before eating dinner. I usually eat around 8:30 -
9:00 PM.

The problem that I am having is that before I hit the sack (11:00 - 11:30
PM) my BG will be low - 60-65. I will consume carbs, usually juice, before
going to sleep.
My morning BG level has been 165-185. When I check my BG  at 2:00 AM it is
typically high, 180-200. I have adjusted my basal rate for the dawn affect.
My basal rates are as follows:
     12:00 - 1.0
     12:30 AM - 1.1
     2:30 AM - 1.2
     7:00 AM - 1.0

I want to wake up with my BG not above 130. Most of the day, except for the
night & early morning, I am able to keep my BG between

I understand that fiber reduces the rate of absorption of carbs. Because of
this I have been using the duel wave bolus at dinner. I have been giving
1/2 of the bolus at dinner and 1/2 over a 2 hour period. I do not eat a lot
of fats with dinner - no fried food. Does exercise or alcohol affect the
rate of absorption of carbs? The type of exercise that I do is swimming,
jogging, biking and light weights.
I do not have this problem with breakfast or dinner.
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