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[IP] Re: What to do with pump in hospital (and docs with your ailment)

On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> Psst! My eye doc is also a pumper. <g>
LOL  I remember at the time I had my first laser surgery thinking about 
docs and ailments.  I knew I would have liked a diabetic doctor to 
treat my diabetes, I knew I wanted my gynecologist to be a woman, but I 
was pretty sure I wanted my eye surgeon to have good eye sight <gr.>.  
Of course, if he became a pumper soon enough, that increases his  
chances, right? <gr.>

I had been very frustrated with opthamologists not understanding my 
visual problems, and had spent some time in the medical school library 
looking at the books they had read, and realized they would, at least 
initially, have known very little about what it felt like looking from 
the inside out the eyes rather than the outside in.  So to have one 
that had personal experience with vision loss from retinopathy had a 
lot of appeal.  But not to do the surgery <gr.>

Linda Z.
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