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Re: [IP] Attention: (cozmo again)

please keep talking about the cozmo. :) although i am very happy with my mm508
and looks *are* a concern to me (i need my pump to look like a pager at work-
not a medical device) , i'm looking at the cozmo. i'm switching jobs so maybe
i can buy a new pump.
their website says it can suggest a correction bolus for you but i'm wondering
how much you can customize it. for example, my correction bolus amount changes
after 5:00 pm when i become more sensitive to insulin. i see that the cozmo
can take into account unused insulin also. can you set these ratios
differently for different times of the day? for example, if it's 9:00 am and i
just took a breakfast bolus 1 hour ago, my bs is 210, my morning correction
bolus may be .7 but i have never been good at figuring out the unused insulin
rule. will it give me a different suggestion than if i had the same problem at
7:00pm? if it can i want one NOW!!!!!!!!
i hope that didn't sound too confusing....:)

leann marcucci
email @ redacted
dx'd 8/00
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