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[IP] Elevated A1c

Hi All,

Diabetic for over 22 years & historic A1c's have always been in the 6-7 
range. Last Sept, I had bloodwork done & was 6.6.......Routine physical on 
Thursday blood work came back with A1c 7.9 !!!!! Ughhhhhhh  I have never 
been in better control & have had good fingerstrip tests regularly!!!! My 
Diabetes doc asked me if Ive changed anything, & the only thing that Ive 
been doing different has been cutting carbs out of my diet.....I lost 20 lbs 
in 2 months & my doc refered me to a nutritionist that said the diet of 
protein & fats is terrible for a diabetic due to the lag that these foods 
turn into sugar 7 possibly at night my sugars have been elevated & causing 
my numbers to be out of wack>.........Has anyone ever had similiar 
experiences? Im meeting the nutritionist later this week & putting carbs 
back into my diet as well as doing finger sticks every hour around the clock 
for the next several days to monitor hour by hour!!
Thanks all

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