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Re: [IP] More Flying

>  My husband called the airline to ask them about my pump, and the rep told
> that I would have to "Suspend" it during take-off and landing. I've flown
> and never been told that. Therefore I never did it. Is it necessary to
> it?

They must be thinking of the pump as an "electronic device," like lap tops
and CD players that you can't use during take off and landing.

If this is the case, they must have "near misses" or the potential for
interference every day, because pumpers fly ALL THE TIME without suspending
their pumps.  I've never heard a crash blamed on a pumper on board!

I just remembered another thread recently in which someone mentioned that
the user's manual for the Cozmo mentions the theoretical possibility of
interference with cell phones used right close to them.  This would suggest
that the pump is the very KIND of object it isn't supposed to be used
around -- sort of impossible, isn't it?

The more I hear about these weird bits of info people are getting when they
mention their pumps, the more I think that flying with a don't ask don't
tell policy is the way to go.  What they don't know doesn't hurt them.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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