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[IP] Re: 1st meter stories

Jan wrote -I did the pee thing (well, was supposed to) for 32 years - then 
told I had to test my BGs for a year ('82) to get a pump. I used the ChemStrip 
bG strips, which I cut in 1/3s cuz they were so expensive. So, when
I got my first expensive meter (given to me) and could not cut strips and
use it, I gave it away. That's my first meter story.

I also started BG testing about the same time (after about 10 years of 
the "pee thing" which I had pretty much decided was useless) - more seriously 
of course in 1983 before I became pregnant and also cut the strips to save 
money because my insurance didn't cover them and of course did not use a 
meter.  When I was in labor my endo wanted me to read the visual strips 
because he felt I was better at it than the nurses - as if having contractions 
wasn't enough to do!  Also poked my fingers without a device for a long time.  
We had to put the blood on the strip, wait a minute, wipe it off, wait another 
minute, then compare the color.  It realy makes me appreciate my One Touch 
Ultra meter with 5 second readings! 

Type 1 29 1/2 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
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