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Re: [IP] Leaky Sils

Great timing.  I had the same thing happen yesterday.  I noticed
the bandaid smell and then found a wet spot on my pants over my infusion
site.  I had been having trouble with my blood sugar not coming down
and hadn't been eating anything that would have been responsible.

It's the first time I've had one leak like that.  This was also my first
time using a hip/upper-butt site too, so the extra movement may have 
overstressed it.

--- Sharon Brousseau <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello,
> This morning when I awoke, my silhouette infusion set had a puddle of insulin
> between my skin and the tape. My BG was 140, a little high for the morning
> but
> it was better in the last 5 days going through PMS. It was my third day and
> time for a change anyway. I was wondering if anybody ever seen that happen? I
> haven't in since changing to sils about 18 mo. ago. Sharon B
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