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Re: [IP] What to do with pump in hospital

If they tell you to take your pump off, ask them if they have people without 
diabetes reove their pancreas. LOL

Seriously -- before you go in, have your doc write orders that your pump is 
not to be removed. That's what mine does. "Do anythihg you want with her," my 
endo says, "but don't touch her pump."

Psst! My eye doc is also a pumper. <g>

Jan and ElvisToo

<<  Sarah Jones <email @ redacted> wrote:
 I need some advice from experienced pumpers. I've had a hemmorhage in my eye
 and I may need to have surgery. I'm not sure what the retinal specialist will
 want to do. If I go into the hospital and must take my pump off what should I
 do with it? I thought maybe it should be put in the hospital safe with my
 other valuables (there's no one to go with me and take charge of it) Any
 ideas? >>
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