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Re: [IP] Airports

We flew American last summer and had no problems at all with Jenny's 
pump. I did tell them at the counter when we checked in luggage and 
again when we were walking through the metal detector. Everyone knew 
what a pump was and was very understanding. We just walked through. Did 
you tell the check in people at the airport before you walked through 
the security area?


Lattany wrote:

>    I had to fly, about a week ago.  We took American airlines.  We had been
>told that the pump would be no problem, it would be treated as another medical
>device just as someone who was on oxygen or something.  They said that if it
>set off the metal detector they would just over ride it and let me on through.
>Well, after hearing from a friend (with my same pump) flying by way of the
>same airline and airport that it didn't even set off the alarm, needless to
>say, I wasn't the least bit worried.  Mine did set it off, and they pulled me
>over.  I had to have all my luggage gone through.   EVERYTHING!!!  The checked
>all the pockets of ALL my clothes and every last thing.  They weren't very
>nice about putting it back, either.  They had all kinds of ideas about what my
>pump might be.  Something to monitor my vitals as the plane that I was going
>to hi-jack went down...  ALL KINDS of crazy stories.  And they wouldn't let my
>parents talk!  They wanted ME to explain it all.  I tried every *kind* way of
>explaining it that I knew how.  They didn't get it.  Finally, I said "Look
>here, dude!  I have diabetes.  This thing here is my LIFE SUPPORT!!!  You
>can't take it away from me or else I die!!!"  I think it was about then that
>they got the picture.  I just thought it was some nerve.  I first tried
>explaining that since diabetics have to take insulin, this pump gave it to me
>rather then shots.  They (the security) said they had never heard of it so I
>must be lying.  I was quite annoyed and very taken aback.
>    Has anyone else had any problems flying?  I just couldn't believe the
>nerve of some of those people.....
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