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[IP] Animas - Priming

I have always primed the pump with the tubing hanging down.  I would think to
do it otherwise would be counter-productive to the screw coming down on the
cartridge???   If you make sure there are no bubbles in the cartridge before
you insert it - you won't end up with any bubbles in your tubing.  Firmly tap
the top of the pump (or I was told to tap the bottom against your fist rather
hard),  then insert the new cartridge, hook on the tubing, and you shouldn't
have to prime long at all on a full cartridge to see the insulin flowing.
Just last week I changed my batteries and then because of doing this I end up
turning the pump upside down with the pump door open, etc. and then when you
reprime it will take forever.  My cartridge had 30 units left before I changed
the batteries.  So because of opening the door, tipping the pump, it thinks
you have a "new" cartridge and would have to "prime" from 300 units to 30 to
get back in place.  This will take a "long" time.  To  get around this, if you
open the door and change the batteries on a less than full cartridge, after
changing the batteries, just take out the cartridge, tap the pump as above for
a "new" cartridge, and then reinsert the same cartridge.  That is what I did
last week and with just a few seconds prime to get a drop flowing out of the
tubing it will say "30 units" just as it said right before I changed the
batteries.  Before I thought of reinserting the cartridge, I was priming
forever when I would change batteries.
Good Luck!

Having to keep the prime button held down for so long is one of my
> developing
> pet peeves too.   One way to get the pump to prime faster is to flip
> it upside
> down so the tubing is hanging down and tap the top of the pump pretty
> firmly 5-10 times.  This forces the pump motor to engage the reservoir
> a bit
> sooner than it normally would if you let it do all the work itself.

Brent, have you found any bubbles when you do it this way?  I've been
tapping it, then turning it over  (because I've been under the
impression that bubbles are less likely with the tubing up)-- but it
takes quite a while.
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