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Re: [IP] Airports

>     Has anyone else had any problems flying?  I just couldn't believe the
> nerve of some of those people.....
> *Lattany*

I am sorry to hear about your problems with some a**h**e who thought he was
God!  Normally this isn't a problem for other pumpers.  Too bad you didn't
get a name or a badge number.  You might try telling the airlines your
predicament and letting them know that you may not use them in the future if
the security screeners are not better informed.

Prior to pumping, I was stopped in an airport.  I was asked if I had any
sharp instruments in my baggage.  Wanting to fully comply I told them that I
had hypodermic needles and lancets for blood testing (all were capped).  As
if by magic the supervisor came over and proceeded to lecture the other
screeners about diabetes, because his sister had diabetes.  It was a good

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