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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Appearance of Pumps (Bolusing Through Clothes)

Well, as far as that goes . . . .  We went to a beach area for vacation 
in December and I wore one piece bathing suits everywhere.  Therefore I 
was constantly digging around in my bra area to pull the pump out and 
bolus. (very new pumper then!)  Also, when sun bathing, I would move the 
pump to under my back and then to the front when I flipped over, while 
still inside my suit.  (yes, I'm strange) I HOPE the people could see my 
pump because if not they must have thought I was Very Strange!  Guess 
What?  I really didn't care.  
    Sometimes I wear my pump on a bra strap in front of my shoulder and, 
yes, you can see a square lump under my shirt, but guess what again? 
 Don't Care!!   I am SO DARN GLAD to have this thing, I don't care!  No 
matter what color, no matter what brand, no matter what problems it has 
or I have or they have.  It is just So-o-o-o-o-o much better than MDI!!! 
    We are all different, and I sympathize with those who're concerned 
with the looks and the placement 'cause if it bothers you, it's a 
problem and it needs to be reckoned with!  But I know you guys are crazy 
about your pumps, too!!  That's why you're so ready to fight when 
someone says your pump is inferior.  Because, no matter what anyone 
says, you think that little piece of plastic is just about the best 
thing that's happened to your Diabetes!  Right?!!  
    Thank you all for your input, suggestions, complaints and heart 
warming stories.  I have learned SO much from all of you.  I really 
appreciate it!  Keep up the good work!
Martha, 55 Dx'd at 9 & Annie Mae adopted 10/02
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