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[IP] Airports

    I had to fly, about a week ago.  We took American airlines.  We had been
told that the pump would be no problem, it would be treated as another medical
device just as someone who was on oxygen or something.  They said that if it
set off the metal detector they would just over ride it and let me on through.
Well, after hearing from a friend (with my same pump) flying by way of the
same airline and airport that it didn't even set off the alarm, needless to
say, I wasn't the least bit worried.  Mine did set it off, and they pulled me
over.  I had to have all my luggage gone through.   EVERYTHING!!!  The checked
all the pockets of ALL my clothes and every last thing.  They weren't very
nice about putting it back, either.  They had all kinds of ideas about what my
pump might be.  Something to monitor my vitals as the plane that I was going
to hi-jack went down...  ALL KINDS of crazy stories.  And they wouldn't let my
parents talk!  They wanted ME to explain it all.  I tried every *kind* way of
explaining it that I knew how.  They didn't get it.  Finally, I said "Look
here, dude!  I have diabetes.  This thing here is my LIFE SUPPORT!!!  You
can't take it away from me or else I die!!!"  I think it was about then that
they got the picture.  I just thought it was some nerve.  I first tried
explaining that since diabetics have to take insulin, this pump gave it to me
rather then shots.  They (the security) said they had never heard of it so I
must be lying.  I was quite annoyed and very taken aback.

    Has anyone else had any problems flying?  I just couldn't believe the
nerve of some of those people.....
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