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Re: [IP] Re: What to do with pump in hospital

That is great!  I'll have to remember that.  When I go the the doctors or
hospital they always make me take my pump off.  I usually put up a fight,
but rarely, if ever, win.  I've basically stopped arguing.  Of course, after
they disconnect my pump I have to listen to all the nurses complaining about
how cursed it is for THEM to have to deal with d-patients.  How they hate
doing the injections and checking sugars 15 times a day (standard for
hospitals here in DC).  I think jeez, they could have let me keep my pump
and I could have taken care of it myself!

> The practice on IP is for us to ask the drs if they normally remove the
> pancreas from a non-DMer. If so, they can take the pump off a pumper.
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