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Re: [IP] Re: Accu-check meter - comfort Curves

> >>>... And now I complain about the
> AccuCheck Comfort curve strips. >>>
> What's the complaint?

I used my first meter, the Accu-chek II, from 1985 to 1993.  I admired other
meters that came out, but figured insurance wouldn't give me a new one,
since I had one that worked.

When my purse, including my kit of diabetes supplies, was stolen in 93', I
got a new meter.  I continued using those visual strips a while so I could
choose the meter I wanted.  I selected the One Touch II, and wow was I
impressed!  No wiping of the blood off!  A reading in HALF THE TIME!  And,
most of all, it used just a fraction of the amount of blood the old
Accu-chek had.

Insurance sent me a new meter one time within the last three years or so, I
think.  It was an Accu-chek Advantage, but it used different strips than the
current Comfort Curve ones.  I wasn't impressed and stuck with my One Touch

Then, a while later, somebody again sent me an Accu-chek Advantage, only
this one used the Comfort Curve strips.  I made the switch.  Why?  Because
it, again, used a lot less blood than my old meter.  Because it didn't count
down the time, I never knew how long it took, but I knew it took less time
than my One-Touch II.

It was just last October, I think, that insurance again sent me a new meter,
this time the One Touch Ultra.  I tried it out briefly and then went back to
my Advantage to finish using up those strips before switching to the Ultra

That was the longest month of my life!  The Ultra again uses a LOT less
blood, and the five second time of the test is incredibly short.  I'm more
patient with it and more disciplined about testing frequently.  Sometimes,
though, even with it, I wish it used less blood than it does.  It is hard to
get enough blood when testing on my arm, and a meter using less blood might
permit me to check on my arm more often.  (Let some of those thick calluses
on my fingers heal up!)

The draw for me to a new meter is, inevitably, the fact that it uses less
blood.  I'll bet I'm not the only one like that.  But now, I am also quite
interested in any meter with five second results.

The frustrating thing is that my insurance copay is lower for any strips
that are Accu-chek or One Touch brand, so this new BD meter really isn't an
option.  I'm stuck with what I've got, until those two companies come out
with something better.

I keep taking these trips down memory lane!  But I do think that the
improvements in meters, over the years, have been pretty incredible.  It all
makes things so much easier for us, the user.

Though the ability to check blood sugar is a tremendous improvement,
probably the best one in the past thirty years or so, I don't want to go
back to the older meters.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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