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[IP] software for paradigms................

hi all,

i just called MM about pump software (i thought they had offered a program, 
but no, not yet) and the rep told me that they are working on some software 
that would allow you to combine pump data with BG meter data and also allow 
you to add carb numbers so that you could print out a whole big mess of 
numbers to confuse your endo..........

to me, such a program would be better than having to keep those charts with 
the carbs, the BG values, the basals & boluses, etc.......

the rep said that the software should be ready within the next year or so and 
that they would be providing paradigm users with some type of modification to 
allow the pump to download its data into it.

my onetouch ultra software is good, but it doesn't communicate with the pump 
at all.

anyway, food for thought................

tom from nj
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