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[IP] patients choice

My ENDO when he brought up the idea of me going on the pump he went into his
trusty literature cabinet and gave some info of whatever he had laying
aroung...I got a MM video and a Animas brochure.
Just like any other large ticket purchase...I did my research before
buying...I looked at everything that was available and met with everyone who
would meet me. I did a tremendous amount of research....interviewed three
different company reps and made what I would like to think was an informed
decision. I chose the Animas based on what I liked and disliked about all of
the pumps...I made my decision based on my research(including joining this
site 3 month prior to pumping) and what a CDE said to me in a pump support
group meeting....She worked for one of the choices I did not go with. She
told me it doesnt matter which pump I chose....."As long as you choose to go
on the pump you will improve your life".....
I followed her advice and have been pumping for exactly one week now!
I think a lot of what went into my decision was my personal preferences but
features and benefits also played a part....I will tell anyone who is
interested to do the research...you dont buy a car with out test driving
John Kaspar
Pumping since 03/04/03!

email @ redacted

Linda & Dax wrote:

This of course goes the other way for all the medical professionals who
MM products down patients throats. It should ALWAYS be the patients choice -
for the shyer types the medico types should heolp them do a pro/con list for
each pump so that they come to a decision.

Linda & Dax
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