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Re: [IP] Troubleshooting Pump

At 3/10/2003, 09:25 AM Artorius Rex wrote:
 >If you have a batch of cartridges that have a green dot on the packaging,
 >there is a little-advertised issue with them.

I had this problem after the IR pump was first shipped last Summer. 
However, I was told that it was the cartridges WITHOUT the green dot that 
were the problem. They swapped all of my non-green dot cartridges with 
those with the green dot and I haven't had a problem with false occlusion 
alarms since.

 >Having to keep the prime button held down for so long is one of my developing
 >pet peeves too.   One way to get the pump to prime faster is to flip it 
 >down so the tubing is hanging down and tap the top of the pump pretty
 >firmly 5-10 times.  This forces the pump motor to engage the reservoir a bit
 >sooner than it normally would if you let it do all the work itself.

I was instructed to give the pump a firm shake (or two) with the pump in 
the upright position. From what I was told, this is supposed to engage the 
motor to the cartridge faster. With that said, I too have a problem with 
keeping that button held down for so long... just the slightest let-up of 
pressure stops the process and forces you to start it again.

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