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Re: [IP] Re: Troubleshooting pump-- Animas

I'm pretty good about making sure that all air bubbles are gone from the
reservoir before I connect the tubing and try to use only room temp insulin.

I flip the pump over (tubing down) when tappping it to engage the pushrod, but
I complete the priming with the tubing facing up.   Doing it this way, I don't
have issues with bubbles in the tubing.  I also make sure I get 4-5 big drops
of insulin before I stop priming.


--- Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Brent, have you found any bubbles when you do it this way?  I've been 
> tapping it, then turning it over  (because I've been under the 
> impression that bubbles are less likely with the tubing up)-- but it 
> takes quite a while.
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