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[IP] Re: Font issues

OK, correction from someone who obviously is putting off doing 
something else <gr.> -- I wrote yesterday that digest 117 came  through 
with the strikeouts on my aol account but not on my mac.com account, 
interpreting that to mean that the fault was with aol.  Since everyone 
I have seen mention it had aol, I do suspect aol is involved in the 
problem.  However, when I forwarded digest #117 (with the strikeouts) 
from my old iMac with 8.1 to my new iMac with 10.2.4, the problem 
disappeared.  I interpret this to mean the newer system would take care 
of the problem -- are those who have the strikeouts in their digests 
using both aol and older operating systems (Mac or not)?

Linda Z
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