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[IP] Cold weather and site problem.

Greetings I just came back from a week of skiing and let me tell you what I
think I learned.
Sunday night I did a site change, tested before bed and was at 124.
Monday morning awoke and tested and was 112.
Headed out skiing on Monday, temperature was -15 with wind chill. Well my
sight was on my upper buttock which was in contact with the block of ice
chair lift that I was riding on all morning.
Came in for lunch and to warm up and eat tested and found that I was at
224. I thought to myself, wow did a bagel really screw me up that much. Did
a correction bolus and also bolused for my meal. 3 pm feeling really crappy
did a test and found myself at 425! Corrected with injection and changed my
sight to my abdomen. I did however leave the sight in on my back side.
Later that evening as I was back to normal blood sugar and temperature, I
re connected to the sight on my back side, set the alarm for midnight and
rechecked. Blood sugar was at 110, retested again at 6am blood sugar was at
132. I believe that because of the cold temperature that my back side
dropped down to prevented the flow of insulin as needed. Now the big
question I had was did the sight freeze and prevent flow in other words did
the cannula freeze and was blocked. If so why didn't I get a occlusion
alarm? Or did the meat in my back side freeze preventing absorption? If the
latter was the case then why didn't I bottom out once I unthawed. Any
Now one more thing I learned over vacation, the back light of the Paradigm
makes an excellent flashlight while walking in unfamiliar hotel rooms to
the bathroom. :-)

Michael Chambers
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