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Re: [IP] Apearance of Pumps

On 10 Mar 2003 at 12:02, Phoenix Becker <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  George <email @ redacted>  writes:
> >Don't give up on her, Phoenix.   One of these days you may get that
> >CDE trained so that she isn't so "non-compliant"  I'm surprised the
> >Endo hasn't gotten her into 'control'      ;>)
> >
> >George
> >- -  (who believes that all Med Practitioners should be "compliant")
> I don't think my Endo likes her any more than I do!
> Phoenix

 Heh,heh, sounds like you need to put that Endo on the Preferred Pump Doctors
List, but
WITH an exception noted for that CDE!        ;>)

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