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[IP] Itchy (and irritated) sites

Linda, I have experienced the exact same thing over my 2.5 years of pumping. 
Although not 100% foolproof, I have had a lot of success following these 
procedures when changing sites: 
       1. Always change sites after showering using an antibacterial soap, at 
least on         the site area. Dry area thoroughly with clean towel.
       2. Swap intended site with Bard, a pre-moistened barrier wipe. (These 
are          inexpensive and available through on-line pharmacies as well as 
Minimed.         They are mostly sold to people with colostomies so you may 
find them in that        area of your pharmacy.)
       3. Insert needle at a 45 degree angle or less.
       4. Change site every 3 days. My Endo feels that waiting longer carries 
a higher         risk of staph and other infections.

I hope this helps.

Kathy (Bay Area)
IDDM 30 years Pumping 2.5 years.
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