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[IP] Re: Accu-check meter - comfort Curves

>>>... And now I complain about the
AccuCheck Comfort curve strips. >>>

What's the complaint? I'm glad Roche listened to my (and others')
complaints about those awful ones they had first that had a red patch and
you were to hit the yellow spot in the center with blood. I had verrry low
vision at the time and you try to hit red blood on a red spot -- it took me
3-5 strips for ONE good test! I was in the user study for this meter and it
was designed for pump patients. I'm guessing it was in '94.

When the survey was sent for our opinions, I complained loudly. That was
ridiculous to take that many strips for one test. They redesigned and made
the blue Comfort Curves that sip the blood. GREAT! No complaints with them
here. YMMV

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