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Re: [IP] Troubleshooting Pump

If you have a batch of cartridges that have a green dot on the packaging,
there is a little-advertised issue with them.  It seems that they changed
manufacturers of the cartridges in order to meet some tuning requirements
of the IR1000 pump.   These cartridges/early batches of them had problems
in the R1000 pumps and caused occlusion alarms with some people.  The R1000 has
an occlusion alarm threshold of .5 or 1.0u depending on whether it's set 
to H (.5) or L (1.0).   The alarm will not sound until this amount of insulin
has NOT been delivered.

If you're having problems with them, I'd call Animas and have them replaced.

Having to keep the prime button held down for so long is one of my developing
pet peeves too.   One way to get the pump to prime faster is to flip it upside
down so the tubing is hanging down and tap the top of the pump pretty
firmly 5-10 times.  This forces the pump motor to engage the reservoir a bit
sooner than it normally would if you let it do all the work itself.  I find
it starts pushing insulin into the tubing much quicker this way.  You can
thank my pump sales person for this tip.  =)


--- Denise <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My question:  is it possible for a stiff cartridge to prevent the full dose
> of
> insulin bolused to push through?  I have had a few such incidents in the past
> few months and wondered if I had some defective cartridges.  I use the Animas
> R1000 and really don't like it.  The Animas CDE is coming tomorrow to see if
> he can help me with some of the problems I have encountered.  Since the
> neuropathy in my hands has worsened I can't change the batteries by myself ,
> have trouble holding  down the button when priming and dislike the  many
> button presses needed to bolus.
>  Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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