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[IP] Troubleshooting Pump

Yesterday my bg hovered around 120 all day despite severe pain in my upper
back (origin unknown-for the 3 previous days.) Just before dinner I changed my
cartridge noting that it was a bit stiff despite pushing the plunger in and
out several times to lubricate the cartridge. I filled it  using the remaining
insulin from my insulin vial, primed it  and  bolused for dinner.
  4 hours later, the back pain was excruciating and my bg was 550.  Small
ketones. I injected 7 units of Novolog, then changed my site, new insulin and
cartridge (this cartridge moved more smoothly than the previous one.) Unsure
if I had a medical or just a pump problem I went to the ER where they
diagnosed severe muscle spasms and gave me Valium and Vioxx.  My bg came down
and I came home at 1 AM. I will see my internist tomorrow to follow up.

My question:  is it possible for a stiff cartridge to prevent the full dose of
insulin bolused to push through?  I have had a few such incidents in the past
few months and wondered if I had some defective cartridges.  I use the Animas
R1000 and really don't like it.  The Animas CDE is coming tomorrow to see if
he can help me with some of the problems I have encountered.  Since the
neuropathy in my hands has worsened I can't change the batteries by myself ,
have trouble holding  down the button when priming and dislike the  many
button presses needed to bolus.
 Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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