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[IP] DTron recall -- more info

(I apoligize if someone already posted this info, but I didn't see it, so
here goes)

Today I got a second letter from Disetronic about the voluntary DTron
recall.  This was a response form confirming the serial# if the DTron I have
(along with a space to fill out for the address I'd like the replacement
DTron Plus shipped to if it's different than my home address.  In my case,
it is).  Also in the packet were a letter explaining that they hope to
replace all pumps by April 30, and an instruction card detailing different
and new features in the DTron Plus compared to the DTron.

Knowing that DTron+ users get two pumps instead of one (like the old
HTron/HTron+ users did -- I still have both my HTron's handy in fact) I
called Disetronic today to ask if I would also be receiving two pumps.  The
answer, in fact, no.  However, the effective ownership date on the new
DTron+ will be the date I got my DTron, so for insurance purposes I'll be
eligible to upgrade quite a bit sooner than if I were just getting a new
DTron+ kit now.  I can live with that response.

Overall I've been very impressed with Disetronic's handling of this, and am
looking forward to receiving my new toy... :-)

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