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[IP] Re: Avoiding rises in blood sugar after eating

"High-glycemic index foods will hit your blood stream faster than insulin
will, unless you take your insulin ahead of time to offset this. The problem
with that though, is you risk going low before or during your meal if you
don't time it just right. "

its stuff like this, that keeps me visiting this site....
(especially from someone with only 1 year experience)
what you have stated here, not only explains an issue with me, but also
educates me as to a solution....

the only real problem is that trying to hover around 110, is just not all
that far from 60
(especially when the meters we use, can be off, by as much as 20%)


len dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02
Lately It Occurs To Me, What A Long Strange Trip Its Been (R. Hunter)
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