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Re: Re: [IP] Re: Appearance of pumps (WAS: Good Stories about the Paradigm

From: "Kristen Olgren" <email @ redacted>

> We were discussing how unprofessional it is for a CDE or other medical
> professional to insist on a certain brand pump being chosen. 
> I see that kind of pressure, sometimes, too, only it is more subtle.  In my
> doctor's office, when I mention I'm due for an upgrade, the latest Minimed
> pump is brought in for me to see.  When I express interest in another 
> brand,
> the sales rep and certain others in MM's home office are informed (by the
> doctor's office directly).  The pump nurse calls and tells me what's not to
> like about all the other brands.

Maybe this is a financial issue.  Ask the endo and office pump trainers how 
much they are paid for each pump sale and pump start, and who is the payor? 

This is an ethical issue if the advice only points you in one direction, and 
if the advice is based on reimbursement to the staff or the office.  While 
this is "hearsay" information, there are medical offices that lose "accounts 
or contracts" as an exclusive provider of a particular pump brand when a 
patient from that office chooses a competitors product.  

Also, experience with product performance will guide the advice. 
As a CDE pump trainer, I think people should have the pump (or any other 
product) that meets their needs. You (or your insurance) pay for the advice. 
When making a decision about which product to purchase, talk to all the 
"sales people."  Do your homework.


> Another patient in my doctor's office, after multiple failures of her MM
> brand pump, replaced it while still under warranty with an Animas (good
> thing ins. permitted it).  Her endo said, "Why choose a Chevy when you can
> have a Mercedes Benz?"
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