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Re: [IP] Re: Accu-check meter

>> Kristin - I had to laugh when you said you were told that 1985 was a good
> year
>> to get diabetes.  They told my daughter 2002 was a good year and she was
> lucky
>> to have missed the urine testing, etc. that I went through.  Yes, we did
>> manage by the seat of our pants.
> That's why I think 1985 really WAS a good year to get diabetes.  And I know
> I had EXCELLENT doctors then, too, because I know not all of you were taught
> those things back then.

I was dx'd in 1983 but my doctor did not do much to teach me about it.  You
see I had a sister who had been dx'd a few years before.  What they forgot
was that I was 16, and she was my younger sister.  Not that I did not love
her, but I did not pay much attention to her diabetes care.  I had too many
other things to pay attention to (like trying to fit in which I never did).

I do remember the first meter that I had and that wonderful device that left
bruises on my fingers every time that I tested, which meant that I did not
want to test often because of the pain.  And the meter I do not remember the
name of it. But I do remember the size and the shoe box that I carried it
around in with all of the extra's to make it work.  I was not a very good
diabetic back then.  Since then things have improved greatly. I do have to
say that I was overjoyed when I received the first One Touch and it required
so little blood (compared to before).   And now I complain about the
AccuCheck Comfort curve strips. Boy am I wishy-washy.
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