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Re: [IP] Any good stories about the Paradigm?????

I have NEVER had a problem with my pump. (MiniMed Paradigm with the 2.0
software) If some people have older software they can get an upgrade). I
actually am so gratefull to finally feel healthy and alive and not have to
give my self 3 shots a day like I've been doing since I was 9 years old (I'm
now 35).  I wish more people would stop complaining (not you, just others
I've read about as it seems all comments are complaints about something).  I
LOVE my Paradigm, clear, small and always works great.  Here's a letter I
wrote about the Paradigm to a user who had been having problems with it .

He's helped me out when I first started on the pump by first spending
EVERYDAY on calling, researching my insurance coverage, etc. and making sure
I could get it A.S.A.P as I was very excited to get it.  When he found out
that my insurance paid all for it he said it would be sent out on Friday and
Fed Ex would deliver it on Monday, and his co-rep/supervisor would come to
my home and train me on it the same day.  I sounded so happy he said "well
let me see if I can get it to you on Saturday because you sound so happy and
plus you can watch the video and do at least the 1st chapter in the
workbook, you have to do that before Robert comes out on Monday to train you
anyway."  Then he proceeded to help me pick out all of the accessories to go
with my pump such as the thigh pouch (used it and love it), the waist pouch
(use that while I sleep) the heavy duty waterproof sport case, the
quick-serter, the neat looking neoprene case and he even threw in some
things for me.

I received a HUGE box the next day with my pump, all of the accessories,
books and 6 boxes each of infusion sets and all of the equipment I needed
for using my pump without having to order new stuff for about 1 1/2 months.
He always emails me to check on my progress, offered me a tour of the
facility and when Robert (his co-worker) came to my house, he spent over 2
hours setting me up on saline first to try it out.  He gave me more "gifts"
like a black thigh pouch and a box of IV prep pads and gave me their cell
phone numbers in case I had any questions, etc.

I have been VERY impressed with MiniMed and their service, but that's just
my opinion.  I found my reps name in the beginning by my doctor giving me
the reps name that they use.  I called first and left a message and it
continued from there.  Now I have the supervisors names, etc as I wrote a
good letter regarding my tratment by them.

Good Luck!!....Eileen

> >I realize that there have been many, many problems with the Paradigm, but
> >would like to hear from those of you (if there are any) who have not had
> >major problems.  We are in the process of upgrading my daughter's pump
> >and can get a Paradigm for no cost - Deltec & Animas would cost us around
> >$1000.  Disetronic is out due to size and the fact that it's "just too
> >ugly and conspicuous" (direct quote from 18 year old - what can you do!).
> >Liz B.
> Liz, just say that the "D-tron is too conspicuous for your 18 year
> old", because Disetronic does have two other pumps.  The H-tron is
> very similar in size to most other pumps, and the Dahedi is a small
> size like the Paradigm, but does hold 300 units.  Speaking of, why
> don't some of our Dahedi users let us in on how this pump works for
> them?
> George     :>)
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