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Re: [IP] Avoiding rises in blood sugar after eating

Your explaination of your understanding of bgs and timing after meals is
pretty much on par with mine.  I don't have the "perfection" that most
people seem to be able to achieve either.  I also refuse to give up carbs or
limit my diet, and I went on the pump to make that easier.

As for testing, I do sometimes test 10+ times a day.  I test before every
meal, and at 2 and 3 hours after if I am keeping a closer eye on them.  The
two hours is to check to see if I am on track  (<200).  If I am greater than
200 at 2 hours I know for me that I underbolused and take a small
correction.  If I am less than 200 then I wait until the 3 hour test to see
if I will need a correction.  I find the tail on humalog lasts about 3.5
hours for me.  Again, YMMV.    I also test before driving or if I am feeling
off which makes up for the remaining tests.  If I am being "lazy" I usually
test about 5 times a day.  This is usually before meals and driving.

Hope that helps,

dxd 8/80 Type I age 4
pump 12/99 MM508
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