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Re: [IP] New BD Meter

Here's the response from my MiniMed rep so I hope this helps all of the
Paradigm users.

Hey there Victor,

I keep hearing about a new BD tester that MiniMed will be sending out free
of charge to their Paradigm users?  Will I get a letter  regarding it too?
Thought you might have the info..


I'll have some info for you in a few about the BD, but I do know that you
will automatically receive the meter, since you acquired the new version of
the Paradigm, that already has the bolus wizard!


> I have not gotten the letter but from what I have heard this new meter is
> going to be able to talk to the pump and give it information.  I takes
> blood than the Fast Take.  I can't wait ti try it.
>  Cheri:)
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