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[IP] first meters

Anne Geller RN, CDE said:
>>>  As a diabetes nurse educator, CDE, I remember the first meter I ever
saw. It was the Ames Dextrometer. It had to be plugged into the wall,
calibrated each time it was used, took a tremendous drop of blood that had
to be washed off with a little wash bottle of water. The patient who had
just bought it brought it into our endo office to show it off. WOW, were we
impressed. It was huge, about the size of a shoebox as I recall. The Autolet
was the first lancing device I was familiar with, as well, affectionately
referred to as the "guillotine"  <<<

The predecessor of the Ames Dextrometer was the Ames Eyetone Meter, which I
was about to order.  Ames told me the Dextrometer would be available in less
than a month so I waited and bought the Dextrometer.  It operated on either
AC power or a rechargeable DC power supply that lasted for 60 minutes of
use.  I think I paid about $630 for it and Ames required a letter from my
doctor before they would sell it to me.  After washing the test strip, you
put the strip into the meter and timed it for 60 seconds.  I found that if I
left it in the meter for 70 seconds the results more closely matched the
results of the lab.  The good old days

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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