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Re: [IP] Re: Appearance of pumps (WAS: Good Stories about the Paradigm)

We were discussing how unprofessional it is for a CDE or other medical
professional to insist on a certain brand pump being chosen.

I see that kind of pressure, sometimes, too, only it is more subtle.  In my
doctor's office, when I mention I'm due for an upgrade, the latest Minimed
pump is brought in for me to see.  When I express interest in another brand,
the sales rep and certain others in MM's home office are informed (by the
doctor's office directly).  The pump nurse calls and tells me what's not to
like about all the other brands.

Another patient in my doctor's office, after multiple failures of her MM
brand pump, replaced it while still under warranty with an Animas (good
thing ins. permitted it).  Her endo said, "Why choose a Chevy when you can
have a Mercedes Benz?"

I have never been TOLD to buy MM.  But I've been steered in that direction,
and I get the feeling that I might be getting the "non-compliant" label
behind my back when I head in another direction.  I have to say, though,
that when I talk about the Cozmo to them, even THEY are wowed by it.  At
least, so far.

To be fair, I haven't been accused of being non-compliant.  But I know I'm
not fitting the classic mold of their patients, and when a patient doesn't
fit the mold, it is less convenient for them.  They'd rather that we, and
our pumps, all fit the same mold.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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