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Re: [IP] Re: Accu-check meter

> Kristin - I had to laugh when you said you were told that 1985 was a good
> to get diabetes.  They told my daughter 2002 was a good year and she was
> to have missed the urine testing, etc. that I went through.  Yes, we did
> manage by the seat of our pants.

That doesn't surprise me at all that they still say it.  And it is STILL
true.  Things have improved, with the insulin analogs and fewer
complications, just generally better understanding that has come about since

But I guess what I was saying is that it REALLY WAS true that in 1985, we
knew better how to treat it.  I was sent home from the hospital with the
EXPECTATION that I was to shoot for NORMAL blood sugars.  And when I got out
of the ordinary blood sugars, even back then, with regular insulin, I was
supposed to treat with a sliding scale.

I was never taught to check just because it was possible.  I was taught to
check so that my body could be treated to be as much like normal people's as

That's why I think 1985 really WAS a good year to get diabetes.  And I know
I had EXCELLENT doctors then, too, because I know not all of you were taught
those things back then.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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