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[IP] Avoiding rises in blood sugar after eating

There is something I don't understand from reading here that I was wondering
if someone could explain to me.  My understanding about the way insulin worked
was that it took time.  When you take insulin and eat carbs, you EXPECT your
blood sugar to rise.  Not all the insulin goes into effect at once (and if it
did, you would bottom out), and the same thing is true to an extent with the
carbs in your meals.

My understanding, and, of course, I may be wrong, was that after a meal, it
was expected that it would take about three hours (or whatever your duration
of your insulin is, I guess) for your blood sugar to get back to normal after
a meal.  You could EXPECT to be 250 one hour after eating; in fact, if you
compensate for that number, you may well go low later on from having more
insulin in your system than you have carbs for.  It was also normal to be 170
or 180 two hours after eating.

However, from what I am understanding here, not everybody has this happen.  I
read about people checking 10 or 12 times a day.  This likely includes some
times soon after meals.  But some of these same people "hardly ever" see blood
sugars above 200.  Sometimes they "worry" when it hits 140!

Could someone explain to me why these people's experience with insulin and
carbs is so different from what mine is?  And am I mistaken that a rise,
lasting some three hours, after eating is normal?

If that isn't normal, then please tell me what your secret to good blood
sugars all of the time IS, because I don't think it is possible for me.  Or,
well, I guess it IS possible, but I would then become a fixture in the
Emergency room at the local hospital due to lows a while later.

Naturally, I realize that YMMV, but my mileage varies SO much from some people
here that I am thinking there must me some reason for it.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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