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Re: [IP] first meters

>The Dextrometer was also my first device. Not only did it require AC power,
>it was also extremely sensative to moisture so you had to take it out of the
>bathroom before taking a shower and steaming up the room.
>Peter A. Gordon

And it cost somewhere around $450.  I believe that was the only meter 
that I ever paid for and didn't get any rebate.  About the only thing 
I will pay for nowadays is the sales tax.

(who with his Dextrometer discovered the difference between Hypo and 
the Exhilaration of Love)

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>From: <email @ redacted>
>As a diabetes nurse educator, CDE, I remember the first meter I ever saw.
>It was the Ames Dextrometer. It had to be plugged into the wall, calibrated
>each time it was used, took a tremendous drop of blood that had to be washed
>off with a little wash bottle of water. The patient who had just bought it
>>  brought it into our endo office to show it off. WOW, were we impressed. It
>>  was huge, about the size of a shoebox as I recall. The Autolet was the
>first lancing device I was familiar with, as well, affectionately 
>referred to as
>  > the "guillotine"
>  > Anne Geller RN, CDE
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