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[IP] No HMO in Nevada???

Until my hubby and I moved to Nevada, we always had HMO.  They covered all 
pump supplies 100 percent, and we had a 3 month prescription plan.  All that 
seems to be out here is PPO, which is quite another story!!  I only have a 
co-pay for one bottle of Humalog (we all know how far that goes) and the 
other 2 for the month comes out of pocket.  I can no longer order directly 
from Disetronic for pump supplies, but MUST go thru another agency.  The PPO 
pays minimal.

I was hoping to find insurance on our own, between paying $400+ per month, 
pump supplies, insulin, etc....it's getting way up there.  Any one have any 
ideas?  I've been searching the web until my eyes slam shut!!  Does anyone 
know for a fact if Nevada just doesn't have HMO?

Any help would certainly be appreciated.  All these med costs are eating us 
alive (I'm sure a lot of you can relate)

Thanks for listening,
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